Apr 18, 2013

Gluten Free, Woe is Me.

If you're a reader that's been here since my blog's "Life Inspired By Audrey" inception--first of all, thank you for sticking around and reading my random dribble for this long (That's like 4 years of reading my stuff.  You rock.)--you may remember that a couple of summers ago, I was having a lot of stomach problems.  We didn't really know what was going on, but I was in a lot of pain most of my waking hours...but more so after I ate.  After a gallbladder test, endoscopy, colonoscopy and multiple visits to multiple doctors, I still didn't have a definitive answer to what was causing all the pain.  But my surgical specialist felt pretty sure that I had IBS, some ulcerative colitis and, what could be a "touch" of Celiac's Disease...basically meaning I had a gluten sensitivity, or intolerance.  Per the doctor's suggestion, I went on a "semi gluten free with IBS" diet.  I quickly recognized which foods would trigger my pain--whole wheat, pizza, salads, some cereals--and stayed far away from them.  I did really well for awhile, and then I got pregnant with Avery.  I'm not sure if it was the pregnancy hormones or what, but I suddenly had very little problems with anything I ate.  I no longer had any stomach pain.  This continued on until....well, last month.  My stomach problems, have not just reared their ugly head again but, have come back with an unbelievable vengeance.  Things that contained gluten that never bothered me before are suddenly keeping me awake at night with a heating pad to dull the pain.  Tums and Gas-X have become my best friends. 

Why am I telling you about all my tummy troubles?  To let you know that my weekly menus are going to be getting a makeover.  A gluten-free makeover, to be exact.  I've got to start cutting out all the foods that are making me completely miserable:  cereal, bread, pasta, chips and *sob* Cokes. 

I've always had a tiny bit of a caffeine addiction.  I must have at least a can sized serving of Pepsi or Dr. Pepper a day to avoid what will become a massive headache later in the day.  Lately though, I get horrible headaches AFTER I take a couple of drinks of my Coke.  Shortly after, I'm in a lot of stomach pain.  To my knowledge, sodas don't contain gluten....but there is something in there that my tummy is vehemently protesting.  So, no more Cokes. 
Side note:  if I know you personally and will be seeing you in the next couple of days, I'm really not a hateful person.  I'm just experiencing the effects of a caffeine withdrawal.  *sigh*

So, there you have it.  No more gluten.  I hope that this helps me also lose weight in my quest to be a Hot Mama, but that's not the priority at the moment.  It's more about getting my stomach under control so I can be a Happy Mama that's pain-free.

Anyone have any kick-butt gluten free recipes (or restaurant orders) you wanna pass my way??  The whole "going COMPLETELY gluten free" is going to be a new and foreign experience to me!


Chrissy said...

This is going to show how lame and addicted to tv I am but Ashley Spivey and Tenley Molzahn from the Bachelor both have to do a Gluten free diet and they are always sharing recipes via twitter and their websites. I have recently thought about trying a few of the recipes myself.

Devan Gaddie said...

I need to look those up!

Anonymous said...

Devan, if you check out thesisterscafe.com, Melanie just had two of her boys diagnosed with Celiac's disease and she is posting tons of gluten free recipes. Hopefully you can find something yummy on there.

Tracy Geer

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