May 21, 2013

Fun Facts.

I feel like my posts have been really heavy lately.  Or maybe it's just my life has felt that way.  Heavy.  Deep.  Depressing.  Whatever the case is, I need something light.  So, enjoy today's post full of fluff and silliness.

10 Things To Know About Me (that are probably going to make you think that I'm crazy):

1.  When I sit down to a meal that has multiple components (meat, sides, etc), I eat everything once, individually.  Then I decide what the best flavor is and save that to eat for that will be the last flavor I taste.

2.  I physically cannot burp.  I've had lessons.  Seriously.  I have asked my husband and dad to teach me how.  I've chugged sodas, swallowed air, patted myself on the stomach.  Doesn't happen.  Instead, I do this weird gurgly thing that sounds like bubbles are coming out of my throat.

3.  I have (self-diagnosed) Misophonia.  It basically means I have a sensitivity to noise.  I can handle a lot of different noises throughout the day that don't bother me in the least.  Then others, like people eating certain foods (chips, popcorn, nuts), certain people eating in general (my sister could make eating spaghetti sound like she's chewing gravel), Styrofoam rubbing together, change jingling, someone constantly digging into a bag of chips, people clipping their fingernails, gum popping...I am insanely hyper-sensitive to.  Some sounds, which may not bother other people, are amplified in my mind and drive me crazy.  Some of them are just irritating to me, like the Styrofoam and change jingling together, while others, like people eating loudly or popping their gum, enrage the point that I almost yell at the person.  I realize this makes me sound like a crazy person.  I literally cannot help it.  Feel free to judge.

4.  I am deathly afraid of birds.  This is NOT a joke.  If one comes near me, I will probably cry, scream and drop straight to the ground like I've been shot.  No, I have never seen the Hitchcock movie "The Birds."  No, I cannot give you a concrete reason why I have this fear.  Fun facts:  my maiden name is Parrett (pronounced "parrot," like the bird) and penguins are my favorite animal.

5.  I severely dislike the color orange.  If Crayola released a statement tomorrow that they've decided to stop production of the orange crayon, I wouldn't care in the least.  Flip side?  I love the color coral (basically a light orange).  Go figure.

6.  I love things like making a family budget, figuring out what bills need to be paid on what week and balancing my checkbook to the penny, but I am HORRIBLE at math.  That's probably an understatement.  My math skills are dismal.  Basic addition and subtraction are difficult for me.  I have to use a calculator for most math problems.  And don't even ask me to figure out a percentage of something.  What can I say?  I'm a right brain person, 100%.  I think creatively, not figuratively.  Have you seen this on Pinterest?  It's my life.

7.  I hate sweets.  I do not want chocolate, candy, cake, ice cream, cookies, so please don't offer.  Despite my constant rejections year after year, my family members still ask me at every party if I want a piece of birthday cake.  No, thank you.

8.  If I get into a fight with someone, or feel incredibly upset about something, I clean.  Doesn't matter what time of day it is.

9.  I have a really hard time falling asleep.  It's like I can't turn my brain off.  So, to stop thinking about my to-do list or horrible things that happened during the day, right before I go to sleep, I think about being a mermaid (The Little Mermaid is my favorite movie ever).  It works every time.

10.  During every single movie I watch, I will get on my "IMDB" app on my phone, look it up and read the random trivia they have listed about the movie.  It makes me appreciate it that much more, knowing the funny tidbits you don't see while you're watching.  For example, did you know that the bucktoothed fish in "Finding Nemo" that yells "Oh my gosh!  Nemo's swimming out to sea!" is named Kathy?   Now you do.  You're welcome.

After re-reading these, I realize I sound like a crazy person.  Ah, well.


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