May 16, 2013

Spending Ban.....take two. :S

*sigh*  I have yet ANOTHER confession to make.  Remember my spending ban that I imposed on myself back in February?  (deep breath, Devan. Coming clean makes it easier to recommit and do things right...)

I broke it. 

Within like 2 weeks.  I bought something for my house and then never looked back.  Ugh.  I'm a little bit disgusted with myself....but mostly disgusted with the amount of money I could have been saving.  Stupid.

But!  No time to beat myself up.  Time to hoist myself up by my bootstraps and restart my spending ban.  Here's my vow:

I, Devan, am on a complete, total and all-encompassing SPENDING (not just shopping) ban, beginning today, May 16th, 2013.  I will continue to be on a spending ban for three months, until August 16th, 2013.  I will be allowed to buy these things...and ONLY these things:

1.  Gas for my vehicle
2.  Groceries/food for my family.
3.  Items needed for my DIY Divas in Training projects.
4.  Summer clothes for Avery (needed.  not a joke.)
5.  Summer clothes for myself (badly needed.  still not a joke.)
6.  We, as a family, can go out to eat once every 2 weeks.
7.  I will allow myself a fast food Dr. Pepper one time a week.
8.  Things for Avery's birthday party (without going overboard, like I always tend to do).

That's it.  The end, that's all she wrote, nothing else (are you listening Devan??).

Not only am I on a spending ban, I am implementing a few other plans for my "Penny Pinching" lifestyle.

1.  I'm going to start "debt snowballing."  Check out some Dave Ramsey stuff.
2.  I'm going to put aside a set amount out of every paycheck for savings.
3.  I'm going to put aside a set amount out of every paycheck for my remodeled kitchen to be able to pay it in cash.
4.  I'm going to make a little extra money by:
-having another yard sale
-selling more paintings
-selling some of my bigger items on eBay

There's my plan.  Here's where you come in:  if you see me in town and I'm not buying one of these approved items, you have my permission to question me.  Seriously.  Ask me if I'm buying things off my "spending ban list" and guilt me into putting the stuff back.  If you see me at McDonald's, ask how many Dr. Peppers I've had that week.  If I tell you more than one, feel free to smack it out of my hand (or take it and put it in the trash...less mopping that way).  I'm terrible at self-discipline.  Breaking my spending ban is a testament to that.  Help me!


Sarah Beth said...

I don't think mine even lasted two weeks.

Devan Gaddie said...

See! I'm for real about this one. NO SPENDING!!

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