Jun 3, 2013

One of Those Days.

Do you guys ever just have one of those days?  You know the kind....

...when your kid gets up at 3:45, 4:30 from apparent night terrors/bad dreams/growing pains/just being spoiled and knowing mommy will come running if she screams your name.

...when your kid keeps you up until 5:30 and you know your alarm is going off in 45 minutes....and it takes you every bit of 20+ minutes to fall back asleep.

....when you turn your alarm off and immediately fall back asleep....only to wake 45 minutes later in a total panic.

...when you're frantically throwing makeup on your face and your husband comes in and informs you that he's been throwing up.

....when you rush around in the morning, trying to get to the sitter and work on time, all while having that nagging feeling that you're forgetting something.

...when you drop your child off at the sitters and promptly inform them that your child has not had breakfast, has not peed in the potty yet, is still wearing a Pull-Up when she should have training pants on....finally, hand them a giant bag of wet baby-sized underwear that you'd planned to dry that morning for your toddler to wear today, but didn't because you fell back asleep when your alarm went off.

....when you get to work and you haven't been there 10 minutes when you give yourself a nasty paper cut that draws blood and requires a band-aid.

....when you are listening to your "Matchbox 20" Pandora station in an attempt to wake yourself from the sleep-deprived haze you're in and the phone rings...when you walk towards the phone, your headphones tangle and pull your phone off your desk and hurls it face down on the tile floor.

....when you get home and decide to attempt to shake off the crappy day and make a homemade dinner.  You decide to make cauliflower crust pizza, because you're gluten intolerant and you haven't had pizza in practically forever and you miss it, dang it!

.....when the recipe calls for "riced cauliflower" to be cooked in a microwave for 8 minutes.  You cook it, making your entire kitchen smell like fish and causes your husband to complain and open the kitchen window.

....when you continue making the pizza, thinking it looks promising when it comes out of the oven, even though it made your kitchen smell like rotten sea animals.

....when you bite into the pizza, which was extremely crispy on the edges, and discover that the bottom is almost raw and completely soggy.

...when you toss the entire thing into the garbage and pour yourself a large bowl of Fruity Pebbles.

...when your child climbs into your lap and demands multiple bites of your cereal because she can't just give you 3 minutes to enjoy a childhood sugary cereal without interruption.

...when you get on your laptop to blog about your crappy day and your laptop is completely screwed up and will not connect to the Internet, so you have to blog from your ipad, which gives you finger cramps.

Have you ever had one of these exact days?  I thought so.


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