Jul 28, 2013

To My Avery, On Your Second Birthday

Oh my Avery.  My loud, spunky, giggly, attitude-y, rambunctious Avery.  How did we get here?  How did we get to the point that we're celebrating your SECOND birthday??  You should still be my cuddly infant.  The one that coos at the bugs on her carseat and is allergic to every fruit known to man.  Instead, you're a two year old.  A two year old that tells me when she's happy with something.  Or unhappy with something (mostly the latter).  I feel like I spend the majority of our waking hours together scolding you.  I feel like I'm constantly getting after you to share your toys, use your manners, not throw temper tantrums, use the potty, don't pee in your pants, don't empty mommy's makeup on the clean bedsheets....but I do it because I love you.  I love you and I want you to be a polite, fun to be around little girl.  I discipline because I want to know that someday, when I send you off to spend all day with a teacher or a babysitter, that I can rest easy knowing that I've taught you how to behave.  You're constantly pushing my buttons and testing your limits, but we make it through the day okay, right?  We have our moments where you come running up to me out of nowhere and hug my leg and say "Hold you please."  Then I pick you up and you squeeze my neck and say "I yuv you mommy."  And that's when I think my heart is going to explode right there.  My purpose in life is to be your mommy.  To kiss your boo-boos and find your lost Minnie Mouse doll.  To wipe your butt and wipe your tears.  There's nothing else I would rather be doing.  Because you make life worthwhile.  There's nothing like sitting with you for a couple of minutes and then listen to you talk and marvel at all the new words you've learned.  You are SO incredibly smart.  You pick up on things so quickly.  You can hold your own with the older kids in a room, which makes me so proud.  You're just like your daddy.  You're outgoing and not afraid to talk to anyone.  You make friends in the checkout line and tell them all about your fishy swimming at home in his bowl.  I honestly believe there's nothing you can't do.  I'm so proud of the little girl you're becoming.  Sure, we have our moments where I yell too much or you throw things in the floor just because you didn't get your way.  But we love each other and that's all that really matters. 

Happy 2nd birthday, my one and only Avery. 


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