Jul 23, 2013

Mantle Madness!

Definition of a good husband:  one that will spend a good chunk of his Sunday putting up a mantle from your momma's basement.

I'm super ridiculously pumped about this.  Remember last month when I scored this super fabulous, super cheap clock from Hobby Lobby and I talked about my plans for our big open wall in our living room.  Well friends, the transformation is (almost) complete!

Before.  Terrible picture, I know.

What you need to know:  long navy wall.  Super boring.  Needed something.

Marty took down the clock, found the studs and marked the position of the mantle.  Then, he spent several nights at his cousin's wood shop giving my mom's old mantle some much needed TLC.  It was in desperate need of a fresh coat of paint, some wood putty and, most importantly, a shelf on the top so I could actually display items on the top of the mantle.


I have a mantle!  And a wall with something on it!  Hooray!!  I've already been browsing Pinterest for decor ideas for different seasons.  Right now, I'm trying to picture decorations for Avery's Winnie the Pooh themed 2nd birthday party this weekend.  Don't worry.  Pictures will follow.

I still have some styling to do around this area, but it's up!  And I'm excited!  Who's got the best husband ever?  This girl.


Chrissy said...

This looks good!

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