Sep 30, 2013

Crate to Table: October's Do Overs

I started my "October's Do-Overs" project very easily.  Instead of having a piece that needed sanding or painting, I literally just picked the piece up out of my garage and brought it inside.

This is an old crate that I spotted at my parent's house when they were cleaning out their basement.  They had three and I convinced my mom to let me have one of them.  This thing is HUGE.  I wasn't 100% sure where it was going to go at first.  It wasn't until I was sitting in my living room that I decided where it belonged:  as a side table.

First, I swept it off really, really well in my garage.  After living in my parent's basement and my garage for quite some time, it had acquired quite a bit of dust (and a few spider friends).  After sweeping, I brought it inside and vacuumed it off as an extra precaution.  When I cleaned it off, I found this tag on the side, which I thought was really neat.  It looks like it was once used at a railroad.

The table that was in our living room before was a very, very cheap piece of furniture that Marty and I found somewhere when we first got married  (isn't that how everyone's houses look as newlyweds??).   I'm all about inexpensive home decor pieces.  But there's a big difference in being inexpensive and looking cheap.  This table was the latter. 

I promptly scooted that table out of the way and slid this one in.  It's the right height and I think it just "fits" our room.  It's got the repurposed, vintage-y look that I'm obsessed with right now.

Plus, it's a crate.  So there was a huge opening on the side where I knew I could store something.  I'm a ridiculously cold-natured person and we have thick fleece blankets scattered around the house everywhere.  Literally....they're on the back of the couch or folded up in a chair or sitting in the floor.  I knew this little cubby hole would be the perfect central location for all our blankets.

I couldn't love it more.

I promise the next "October Do-Over" will be more dramatic, complete with paint and before and afters!


Angi Solle said...

I love that! Nice touch adding the blankets inside!

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