Sep 28, 2013

October's Do-Overs!

Well, there's nothing better to keep your mind off a current situation than a good old-fashioned distraction.  Mine's going to come in the form of a new project!  Actually, a new series for the month of October.  Introducing.....

October's Do-overs!  I don't do Halloween.  And even though I adore Fall, I don't decorate my house for it.  Instead, I'm going to spend the month of October redo-ing furniture pieces I've picked up.

Do you guys remember my yard sale finds that I was going to breathe new life into?  Well, it hasn't happened yet.  Instead, they're sitting in my garage, sad and alone and covered in dirt.  I loved these pieces when I bought them, so why not love them even more after some TLC so I can FINALLY get them in my house?  Reminder on all the pieces I'm going to redo.

1.  A red corner table.  I have zero ideas for this one.
2.  A side table with little cubbies.  I may have a idea for this.
3.  A piece of cardboard-y type material.  I have an idea for this redo.
4.  An octagon shaped table.  Not really sure where this one's gonna go yet....maybe just getting a redo and then getting resold.
5.  A desk.  This is the project that I want to complete SOON because I NEED this desk in my house.

These pieces are junking up my garage.  When we bought our house, I'd never had a garage before.  I had dreams (and Pinterest pins) of a ridiculously organized garage.  HA!  Thanks to all this furniture, I barely have enough room to walk from my car to the door in my house.  It's all gotta go!

So, I'm going to be redoing a piece of furniture each week (maybe two, depending on how easy/hard the project of that week is). 

I'm going to spend less than $30 apiece on each project.  Penny pinching, begin!

Can't wait to get my hands dirty and start re-doing!


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