Oct 24, 2013

Who knew a tree could be so motivating?

One painting.

That's all it took to give myself the kick in the pants that I needed to pick myself up and get back into the swing of things.

I haven't been painting.  I have a ton of orders to get to, but I haven't been painting.  It's not like I've been sitting around feeling sorry for myself.  But motivation has completely left me the last few months.  I've let laundry pile up.  I've neglected cleaning my house.  I've neglected making dinner for my family.  I haven't picked up a paintbrush.

It was so much easier and much more calming to paint when we lived in Bardstown and I had my own office.  I could go into my room, shut the door and paint until my heart's content with absolutely no distractions.  In our new house, I have no office.  The third bedroom is fairly tiny and is being used as Avery's playroom.  So I paint at the kitchen table.  Not comfortable, not secluded, not ideal.  So I haven't been painting.

Not to mention all the drama that life has handed me lately.  Zero motivation to do anything.  And painting was on the very bottom of my "Things I Care About Right Now" list.

Until last night.  I had an order for a friend that needed to be done by this weekend.  So I sat down at my kitchen table and sketched out a tree.

Wow.  That felt good. 

Then I painted it.

Why am I not doing this more often?  This is SUCH a stress reliever. 

Last night, I even ended up cleaning my kitchen, making dinner (grilled cheese and reheated chili, but it's a start!) and doing a single load of laundry.  More than I can say I've done in weeks.

I have the painting bug again.  I have plans tonight, but I can't stop thinking about what I'm going to paint whenever I get home.  I need this.  I need time to myself to do something that I enjoy.  Too many times, I'm letting myself get wrapped up in the drama and misfortunes and chaos of my days that I don't do a single thing that I enjoy.  It's time that changed.  If you've ordered a painting from me, expect it done in the next 2 weeks.  And I deeply apologize for not getting it to you before now.

Thanks, little tree, for changing my entire outlook and attitude and for that much needed kick in the butt.


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