Nov 10, 2013

Avery's Room Overhaul

There's one room in our home that I haven't even attempted to decorate. 

It's not because I don't have anything to decorate with, or I don't have the time......

It's because I HATE the color that the room is painted.  It sounds silly, but it's true.  Avery's room doesn't have a single thing decorating-wise in it because I hate the color of the walls.  When we moved in, I wanted to paint three of the walls a white color and then one wall a light red.  I was imagining Avery's room to be like this:

I was picturing a subtle Minnie-themed room.  But our painter, who was retired and was painting our house out of a total favor, told me that he really despised painting the color red.  It was a headache, it needed multiple coats, and if I wasn't married to the color, he would really like it if I would pick a different color.  Since he was painting basically our entire house because he'd known Marty since birth, I decided to go with a different color. 

When we lived in Bardstown, Avery's room was painted a purple color.  Her nursery was a light lavender with black and white accents.  When the painter told me I needed to pick a new color, I thought I would just keep some consistency in Avery's brand new room and paint it the same color as her old room. 

I was wayyyyyyyy off on the color. 

I know it doesn't look that bad from the pictures, but in person, it's overwhelming.  As my sister put it once, it's a "teeny bopper purple."  It's in your face.  And I despise it.  Anytime I've gotten a little bit of inspiration, I go into her room and turn right back out because I just don't want to decorate around that color.

So.  New room for Avery!  Yes, we just moved into this house in March.  But I'm SO unhappy with this color and I really want to give Avery a cute room. 

Inspiration!  I'm planning the entire room around this one print I found on Pinterest.

I'M OBSESSED WITH THIS.  I found it on Pinterest and it took me to a Tumblr site of a girl who makes some brilliant artwork and doodles of Disney characters.  I resized it an 11x14 and I'm going to put it above her bed. 

That's as far as I've gotten.  I want it to be Disney/Princess themed without being in your face Disney.  I don't want Disney sheets on the bed, Disney stickers on the wall, none of that.  I want to find pieces from different sites and put it all together to be Disney/Princess-inspired.  Everything I'm finding on Pinterest is just falling flat in my opinion.  Until I can find more options for décor, I'm focusing in on paint colors. 

I made a mistake I won't be repeating soon.  I will not be picking something so in your face for my kid's room (at least until she's older).  I'm not afraid of color....I painted my old office a BRIGHT turquoise for goodness sakes.  I just want something more calming.  More importantly, I want something that's going to last.  Something that I can change the décor around and not have to paint again. 


Starting at the top, I still like the idea of Avery's room being purple.  When I asked her what color she wanted her room to be, she said "Purple!!"  Thank goodness it wasn't pink. 

I love the idea of doing a yellow.  It's so bright and fun and sunny and it's the first color I see whenever I look at the Princess print.  But is it a color that will be easy to decorate around and switch out themes? 

Then there's the blue.  I love it with the print, but I'm just wondering what it'll look like in Avery's room.  She's not really a blue person anyway.  

On top of the print, there's another factor to consider.  Her rug.

I bought this a couple of months ago on a trip to IKEA.  It was back when I was on a kick to finally decorate her room and I thought this rug would be the key to making those purple walls work.  Well, it didn't.  I still love the rug, but it didn't inspire me to decorate around it.  I still love the rug, I just don't know how it'll work with the new plans for her room. 

Ugh.  Too many decisions.  How much do interior decorators cost again??


Jassica Mody said...

Absolutely gorgeous. You really know how to put a beautiful Decorating ideas, thank you :)

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