Oct 29, 2013

My Favorite (Little) Things

Some days, let's be honest, are just really crappy.  I get little sleep, Avery was up a ton during the night, my clothes don't fit right, it's a busy day at work, I get cut off in traffic....you know the drill.  I'm not saying I have a bad life.  I'm just saying that sometimes, I just encounter some really bad days.

On those days, it's helpful to focus on things that make me happy.  Yes, my husband and my child make me happy (almost) always, but sometimes, it's the little things in a day that really lift my spirits.  So....

These are a few of my favorite things (don't even pretend like you didn't sing that like Maria Von Trapp):

1.  Fun socks.  How can you have a bad day when you're wearing fun socks?  It's like a secret that only you know about.  I was sporting these beauties the other day:

I'm a former ballerina (I wish I still did ballet) and this gives me a little bit of nostalgia and makes me feel a little more graceful that day.

2.  Magazines.  Specifically, home decor magazines.  Shout outs to Country Living, Real Simple and Better Homes and Gardens.

My absolute faaaaaavorite magazine right now??  HGTV.  I'm thoroughly obsessed.

3.  When I worked at the Disney Store, my favorite thing to buy was Disney mugs.  But not just any mugs.....the giant, oversized coffee mugs.  I don't even drink coffee.

Nemo is my favorite.  Filled with hot tea and honey.

If you  have my name for Christmas, I'll take this one, this one, this one, this one, these or these!!!  Just sayin'.

4.  I. Love. Stacking Dolls.  My aunt has a set at her house that has like 12 pieces to it and I'm completely infatuated with it.  I hope she's written it into her will that I get it if something ever happens to her.  So you can imagine my joy when I found these stacking doll measuring cups.

 Each head and bottom is a different measurement.  Are you dying of cuteness???

It makes cooking so much more fun when I get to use these little beauties.  {buy yours here}

5.  Planners.  I think this one strays from a "love" to a downright addiction.  I buy a planner and I'll use it for maybe 4 months and then get tired of it.  So I go buy a new one.  Currently, I'm using a beautiful little $6 clearance special from Target.  It has plenty of room for my stuff going on....and for doodles.  That's my favorite. 

6.  This podcast.

If you're a Disney/Walt Disney World freak like I am, you NEED to be listening to this podcast.  He talks Disney trivia, things to do and see at the parks, best places to stay and eat.  It's the motherload of WDW information.  It helps me pass the time and fill my day with Disney magic. 

7.  Speaking of Disney magic.....I also have a tiny obsession with Disney backgrounds for my iPhone.  Just a few that have been on my phone in the last month-ish. 

It's okay to be jealous.

What little things do you have to make your days a little happier and a little less crappy??


Walter Leung said...

where did you find the background with the mickey head and the other characters inside??

Devan Gaddie said...

That was actually a picture I found on an app called "WallpapersHD" in the App Store.

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