Dec 10, 2013

Christmas-ing on a Budget

I LOVE Christmas.  The magic, the feeling in the air, the lights, the trees, the wrapping, the smells.  All of it.

That being said, I don't do much decorating for Christmas.

Because I don't have much to decorate with.

I don't have many Christmas decorations out of choice.  I love Christmas so much that I don't allow myself to buy that many Christmas decorations.  I know that once I start, it will be like an addiction taking over and I will not be able to stop.  I want it all.  I want the outdoor decorations with the light-wrapped garland and the icicle lights hanging from the gutters and the outdoor Nativity set and the outdoor Christmas signs.  But my bank account tells me a very loud, resounding "NO!" every time I start to think about going to buy new stuff.

So I make do with what I have.

I take that back.  We actually bought a new Christmas tree this year.  Our old tree was a 6 foot tall tree....or so the box says.  Marty was taller than our old tree...and he's 5'11"ish.  Lies.

We knew we wanted a new, much taller tree for our house.  But have you seen the prices of Christmas trees right now?!?  Highway robbery.  Maybe I'm a Scrooge, but I am NOT paying $100+ for a Christmas tree right now.  Most definitely not a budget necessity.  So we were prepared to put up the "not quite 6 foot" tree this year when I saw a Facebook friend of mine post that she had a 7.5' unlit tree for sale....for $25.  Now that price, I can live with.

So, $25 and a couple of boxes of lights from Dollar General later, we are the proud owners of an actual 7.5' foot tree that looks appropriate for the ceiling height of our new house.

I'm kind of going for a natural/rustic/simple feel this year.  Would I love to go all out and make my house look like something from Pinterest?  Absolutely.  But, again, I'm making do.

Going pretty simple this year.  I tried to do a red, white and silver theme on our tree using ornaments we already had and a couple of homemade/cheap touches.

I found the "Peace" gingham word and the burlap Christmas shaped clothespins in the dollar bin at Michael's (can you tell I love that place??).  I had some computer paper laying around and cut out a couple of snowflakes (after a quick tutorial from Pinterest...duh).

I also went super, super simple with my mantle.  Garland, my Willow Tree Nativity set and some decorations I already had laying around the house.

 I had told my mom that I was needing something to hang above my Nativity and I really wanted a Star of Bethlehem.  Nothing on Pinterest was inspiring me.  Just when I was on the verge of just painting a star on a canvas and calling it a day, my mom found this gorgeous 3-D star at Pier One...for only $19.99.  Anything under $50 from Pier One is a steal.

The rust colored star and the candlesticks were already decorating my pre-Christmas mantle.

The snow covered sticks came from....Michael's!  You're shocked, right?  They were $5.99 each and I bought two.  They're standing in a huge pickle jar that I picked up at Glendale Days for $28.  Can someone say "deal??"

I also added a little bit of garland in the kitchen above my cabinets (side note:  isn't the above space just awkward??  I never know how to decorate it.).

After putting up my garland and adding some pinecones here and there (garland, $5.99.  pinecones, $3.99), I stole borrowed my mom's Country Living magazine and saw this tree.

Pinecones as ornaments!  And simple white ornaments and paper flowers!  Genius.  This is probably going to be my next year tree.

On the next page, I saw this garland.

It's real birchwood.  For $48.  Not gonna happen.  But why couldn't you pick up some wood printed paper at Michael's and make your own garland?  It'd be a fun family project and it would add a little homemade look to the tree.

And that's it.  I have some holly berry wreaths hanging on the shutters by my TV and my gorgeous handpainted ceramic Nativity that my Meemaw made me for Christmas two  years ago...and that's the extent of my Christmas decorations.

Maybe one year, my bank account will allow me to go all out and decorate how I want.  I would LOVE for my house to look like Buddy the Elf came and went crazy decorating while I slept.  But until then, I make do.
Do you have any money saving Christmas decoration tips?  Share!  Share!!


Amanda Stearman said...

I try to pick up a few new things at yard sales throughout the year and the weeks after Christmas on clearance. Over the last 7 years that I have lived on my own (not with my parents) I have accumulated quite a bit. It makes me sad sometimes when I do this because I know the item I have purchased will go in a box for several months.. but slowly my Christmas collection has grown!! :)

Sarah Beth said...

I do the same thing! I buy a few things every year to add to my collection. Last year I bought stockings made from antique quilts!

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