Dec 11, 2013

Just a little reminder.

Sometimes, life is crappy.

Accidents happen. Christmas gifts need to be bought and bills need to be paid.  Money is short.  You wonder if you'll ever get ahead.  You find out one of your favorite teachers from high school did something unthinkable and it has you wondering how you can trust anyone in the world.  You worry about what kind of world you've brought your child into.  Time is short and you watch your to-do list growing and your free time shrinking.

 It's December.  You struggle with what should have been right now.  You look in the mirror and feel sad that your stomach isn't a basketball size right now.  This should have been the month you would be finding out if you'd be having a boy or a girl.  You think how different your life should be right now.

You can't help but feel sorry for yourself. And alone.

And then, one day, you're in Walgreens.  You're shopping for a card.  And you come across this.

And you ugly cry.  In the middle of Walgreens.  Next to an elderly lady picking out a birthday card.

And you're reminded that you're not alone.  There's Someone with you all the time.  And that you'll get through this.

Then you buy the card.  So you'll always be reminded that there's always going to be bad moments and bad days and maybe even bad weeks.  But you don't have a bad life.


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