Jan 23, 2014

Big Canvas. Big Blank.

Now that my Christmas decorations have come down, my mantle is a bit bare.  I don't really want to recreate the exact mantle I had up before I decorated for Christmas.  But I can't really think of any good ideas right now.  Call it "Decorator's Block," if you will.

What I do know:

1.  I have a blank mantle.

2.  I have this canvas and I want to use it over the mantle.  It's a 24" x 30" canvas (aka BIG) that came from the Clearance section at Michael's.  The original price on this bad boy was around $50.  I picked it up for $12 (cue happy dance).

3.  This canvas has two holes.

Now, what I don't know:

1.  What I'm going to do with this canvas to cover up the holes and still make it pretty.

Here are some options, as provided by Pinterest.

All these options would involve having a background that would be Modge Podge'd onto the canvas.  I think that would cover up the holes.  Plus, I love the dimension it brings to the canvas.

My problem is:  this is a large canvas.  And will be placed in a prominent location in my home where everyone that enters would be looking at it often.  I just don't know what word or phrase I could live with forever.  Nothing is just screaming "THIS HAS TO GO IN MY HOUSE!" to me.  I love the ideas above.  But I think, whatever I decide, needs to be kept simple because the canvas is so large.

Suggestions?  Comments?  Ideas??


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