Feb 8, 2014

Homage to our Old Home

I love our new house.  It's got a ton of room, it's better suited for our family and it's finally back in Etown, with our families.

But I miss my old house.  It was new.  It was small and homey.  It was adorable.  It felt like home.

This house doesn't really feel just like home yet.  We bought this house from my aunt and I worried for a long time that it would just feel like I was pretending to live in my Aunt Denise's house.  That I would never feel like it was my house.  Well, I don't feel like it's my aunt's house anymore....but I still don't feel like it's mine yet either.

So I've been feeling a little nostalgic and missing my adorable little Bardstown house.  And I've been wanting to somehow display a tribute to it.

I'm loving what my sister has done in her house:

The numbers on the wall are all the different addresses she's lived at during her lifetime.  Adorable. 

But I was thinking more of a picture and the numbers of our first house.  But I didn't love the idea of just doing a regular picture and hanging it up.  I wanted something more........artsy?  I scoured Pinterest and didn't really find any ideas that I loved.  And then the Heavens parted and I found....


It's an app you can download to your phone.  Once downloaded, you pull up your photo in the app.  For me, it was the picture of our old house.

When you upload the photo into the app, it automatically makes your photo..........into a watercolor photo.

This may not seem like a big deal to anyone else, but I'm totally geeking out.  This is exactly the kind of thing I was looking for.  

In fact, I got so excited, I changed another photo over for Avery's new big girl/subtly themed Disney room:

I am so ridiculously excited about this to the point that it's a little sad.  I've sent these babies off to be printed up so I can hang them up.  I can't wait for you to see the actual photos!! 


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