Feb 7, 2014

The horror story that is my basement.

Earlier in the week, I told you all about how I cleaned and organized Avery's horrifically messy playroom.

What I didn't tell you is that there's an area in my house that is so messy, so disorganized, so panic-inducingly messy, that the playroom looks like something out of a magazine in comparison.

*sigh*  This is what I'll be tackling this weekend (and probably the next 5 consecutive weekends from now).....introducing, my basement.

Sweet Cheese and Crackers.  This is my basement y'all.  Once upon a time, it was full of packed boxes.  Stuff that wasn't immediately needed or didn't have a place in our new house went straight down to the basement to be unpacked later.  As the time has gone on that we've lived here, instead of slowly unpacking these boxes, we've just rifled through the boxes to find what we needed and left the mess sitting.  *double sigh*  I'm ashamed.  

And I'm sick of it.  I'm sick of having all this space that I could be using for organized storage, for a giant play area and, most importantly, as my area to craft.  So, from now until as long as it takes, my sole focus is going to be cleaning and organizing this madness.  To donate crap to Goodwill.  To pick stuff out for yard sales.  To organize what will stay.

For your further enjoyment, more pictures of the madness. 

Avery's toy and things she's outgrown.  Goal:  turn this corner of the basement into a downstairs playroom (temporary playroom, until we can finish this area).

Part of my craft room stuff.

More stuff from my craft room.

Even more craft room/office stuff.  Okay, this is just getting sad. 

Marty's poker table and the remains of a desk who's screws were lost in the move and now we can't put it together.  Lovely. 

Odds and ends crap that has no place.  Goal:  find a place.

Wish me luck.


Abel Holmes said...

How's the basement project going? Boy, there sure are a lot of things to organize. What I would suggest is that you tackle everything one by one first. Doing that will let you focus on the task at hand and will help you do a more efficient job on organizing. By the way, have you ever thought of water proofing your basement?

Abel Holmes

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