Feb 14, 2014

Photo Dump.

I'm really self aware of one fact about myself.  I'm an oversharer.  I tell more of a story than probably needs to be told.  I post to Facebook too much.  I share more about my life than probably most people care about.  And I share more pictures of my child than most people want to see in their lifetime.

I just cannot help myself.  She's so darn cute.  And even though people think I post a ton of pictures of her, I still have just as many pictures on my phone that I've never posted.  I know I drive people crazy with my over sharing.  But I know there are people out there that love Avery pictures and stories and encourage me to share as many of them as I can.  For those people, this post is for you.  A photo dump!!

1.  I am blessed to have a little girl that looks just like her daddy.  Except for the fact that she MAKES looks that are just like her daddy's.  This, ladies and gentlemen, is known around the house as the "Gaddie Scowl."  

It's most definitely two against one in our house.  Feel sorry for me yet?

2.  Avery's Aunt Kristen bought her a Disney Princess hair styling kit.  Avery insists that her blow dryer and her "snapper" (aka straightener) sit right next to mommy's.  And when mommy fixes her hair, so does Avery. 

3.  Unlike her momma, Avery doesn't really mind winter.  JUST like her momma, Avery loves her accessories. 

4.  Speaking of accessories, Avery's Aunt Day Day bought her a Dora the Explorer toboggan.  When worn correctly, the bottom part of the hat folds up.  This is how Avery likes to wear it: 

I cannot. stop. laughing. 

5.  Avery and her Granddaddy, when together, are pretty much the epitome of silliness.  My dad basically turns into a big kid whenever she's around.  A couple of weeks ago, they slipped out of Cheddars and ran to Granddaddy's car....to draw in the dirt.  

If you can't read it, it says "Granddaddy -n-Avery." 

6.  Avery loves the Danimals yogurt that comes in a little bottle.  She calls it "baby milk."  She was drinking one the other day and got it all over her hands and face.  Surprisingly, instead of doing her normal "I'm dirty!!" freak out, she thought it was hilarious. 

"I has baby milk on my nose!!" 

7.  When it's bright outside and you don't have sunglasses, improvise. 

8.  She's going to kill me for this one.

9.  My girl and I in our matching Mickey Mouse ear hat shirts.  Stupid blurry iPhone.

I could literally take pictures of her every single day.  She never ceases to do something funny.  Unfortunately, my phone storage wouldn't like that very much and I'm afraid I'd drive you all insane.  :) 


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