Feb 4, 2014

Playroom MADNESS.

Would you like to see what's been the primary source of my anxiety for the last SEVERAL months?  Steady yourselves.  It's a doozy.

Right now, sound effects would be reallllly useful.  I'd insert that creepy sound from horror movies that sounds like someone's coming to stab you.  Because that's basically how I feel.

Ugh.  It's an assault on the eyes.  I apologize if you feel violated now.  I know I do.

Listen, I get it.  It's a playroom.  It's supposed to be an explosion of toys.  That means my kid is having fun, right?  But all of my clothes are in this room, since I've been exiled to the extra bedroom closet.  So I had to walk through this crap every single day just to get dressed.  INSANITY.  I would have to toss toys and dress up clothes and stuffed animals out of the way just so I could open the doors to my closet.  Honestly, it was to the point where I was getting mad as soon as I walked in the room.

I guess you could say that I asked for this to happen.  I had all of Avery's toys basically piled up in three plastic bins.  In my new-mom-naivety, I assumed that my kid would get the toy she wanted out of the bin and play with it.  Hahahahahahahahahahahah.  Geez, I was an idiot.  Instead, just as you expect, Avery would come in the room, decide she wanted the toy at the very bottom of the bin, and dump the entire thing.  THE ENTIRE THING.  EVERY SINGLE TIME.  And not just one bin.  Oh no.  If one bin was dumped, they all three must be dumped.  It was like an unspoken rule to my two year old.  After almost a year of this madness, I decided I'd had enough.  I was sick and tired of coming into this mess.  I was tired of picking this crap up every other week or so, only to have my kid come in and undo it all within a matter of minutes.  No, it was time to get serious about organizing this stupid playroom.

Note:  Marty and I have future plans to finish our basement, which will include a playroom.  The current playroom will hopefully, Lord willing, be a nursery soon-ish rather than later.  So, instead of go all out and decorate this room like I would a "dream playroom," I focused on organizing rather than decorating.


Did you hear the Heavenly chorus?  Because I can.  Can we focus on one single thing right now?  I can see the floor.  

No toys and junk cluttering up a pathway to my closet.  I can walk straight into the room, open my closet doors ALL THE WAY open, and not hit a single toy in the process.  It's glorious.

Everything is in storage bins and they're all organized in a specific way.  One bin is dress up clothes and jewelry.  One bin is Little People.  One is all balls....ball pit, basketball, softball.  One is animals.  One is "pretend stuff"....plastic food, cash register, musical instruments, play makeup.  One is all baby dolls and their junk.  My thought behind doing it this way?  If Avery decides she wants to play with her Sleeping Beauty dress, she goes to a specific bin, opens it and plays.  Even if she decides to dump the entire bin of dress up stuff, that's just a small amount of stuff to be picked back up.  Before, they were open plastic bins that she could easily dump.  Now, I have actual storage containers with lids.  If she wants to get it out and play with it, it takes effort to get the box, open the lid and then dump.  Hopefully that will discourage her from dumping every single toy out of every single box.  It's been a week and Avery's done really, really well with this set up.

Now, when we do finally finish our basement (you know, ten years from now), I would love the "official" playroom to look something like these....

Decorated, fun, functional...and an obvious playroom.  But since this room will hopefully become something else in the next couple of years, it seemed silly to do too much of a decorating job on it.  I can live with it for now.  Heck, it's organized and clean.  I'm THRILLED with it for now.  


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