Mar 2, 2014

Basement Update

Did you think I had forgotten about my basement? You know....this one?

Promise. I hadn't forgotten. In fact, I wanted to take an entire corner of the basement and turn it into my craft room. I've been scouring Pinterest for pictures of unfinished basement offices and I'm actually pretty impressed over peoples ability to make concrete look cute. So, that's my plan. 

A couple Fridays ago, I sent Avery off to school and tackled my nightmare of a basement. I got an insane amount done. I swept and I unpacked and I sorted. But I still hadn't done much to my craft area. 

This is what it looked like prior to tonight. 

I had moved all the boxes that had my office/craft things over to that corner. I moved a couple of bookcases and made a craft table/desk (more on that in another post). But that's about it. 

So I decided to work on it a little more tonight after Avery went to bed. After an hour and 45 minutes of working, this is what I had done. 

I've unpacked almost all the boxes that contained my craft things. I've organized my canvases and paints and other odds and ends.

I still have more organizing to do. I'm going to paint one of the walls and get some more storage bins. Thank you to everyone with an order that been patient. Now you see what I'm tackling before your stuff gets done!

But I have two really big projects I'm wanting to finish before I can really call this little corner of the basement home for my crafting. Because this is located in a big open room of our unfinished basement, I need a way to section this part off to make it secluded. You know, give it walls without giving it actual walls (because finishing our basement won't be happening for a little while longer). First, I thought of room dividers. While I haven't actually measured exact dimensions of the room, I know it's a pretty good space and it would take quite a few dividers to close this off. So, no dividers. Too expensive. 

Then, I thought of bed sheets. But I really do want this to be a cute solution and I'm afraid that hanging bed sheets will make it look.....silly? Shoddy? I don't know.

Then, I thought of curtains. But again, it's a big area and, unless I found the curtains on an insanely good sale, this would also be an expensive option. 

So, there's project number one to be figured out.

Project number two: I need a rolly chair. Because this is a big room and my things will be located in different places, I do want a chair on wheels. But office chairs are expensive. I looked at them today at Walmart and they were $59 and up. Not an option. I would like something comfortable, but also cute and cheap. Too much to ask? 

In short, no, I have not forgotten about my basement. But it's still a massive work in progress. Any volunteers?? 


Gregg Hogan said...

It's totally okay if you're behind on the progress of your basement's renovation. Every remodeling process is slow, but the progress will be steady if you work on it consistently, albeit slowly. Anyway, how's the basement now, Devan? Make sure to keep us posted! Thanks for sharing that! All the best! :)

Gregg Hogan @ American Basement Solutions

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