Apr 25, 2014

"Busy but Crafty" Monthly Challenge: Month TWO

It's time once again for our "Busy but Crafty" monthly craft challenge!

 As you may recall, our last month didn't go so well.  We're hoping for wayyyyy more participation with this month's challenge:

For this month, I'm expecting to see a bunch of wreaths.  I adore wreaths.  But.  I have an irrational fear of birds.

What's that have to do with wreaths?  I've had multiple people tell me their horror story of putting a wreath on their front door,  a bird laid a nest inside the wreath and...... *shudder*.....when they opened their front door, the bird flew IN. THEIR. HOUSE.

Therefore, I am anti-wreath.

So, this month, it was little of a challenge for me to come up with something for my door that I could make.  Usually, when I have a craft, I do research, come up with something that I like and then go buy the components from there.

Not this one.  I had a few ideas in mind, but nothing that "spoke" to me.  So, today, being the slacker I am, I went to Michaels in hopes that I could pull my door decor craft out of something in the aisles.  Luckily, I found something (obviously, or I wouldn't be blogging right now).

Here's my non-wreath door decor craft:

A boxwood door hanging with monogram!

Supplies Needed:

--Boxwood mat
--Wooden or paper mache letter
--Scrapbook paper (or paint)
--Floral wire
--Outdoor Modge Podge (if you go the scrapbook paper route)


1.  Decorate your letter.  This can be a completely optional step.  I chose to Modge Podge scrapbook paper onto my letter.  You can Modge Podge, you can paint, you can leave it the wood color, it's up to you and your personal tastes.

2.  Tie ribbon to boxwood mat.  (tip: the boxwood mat is a little expensive if regularly priced.  I had a coupon for 40%.  I wouldn't go this route unless you can get the boxwood material for a discounted price.)
Anyway.  I chose a burlap ribbon and tied it to the back of the mat.

3.  Tie the letter to the mat.

I looped some floral wire around the front of the initial and then just twisted it like a bread tie around the back of the mat. 

4.  You're done! 

(note: this is not my door. They're remodeling my kitchen!!! and, since I waited until the very last minute, I had to put together this craft at my parent's house, you're seeing my parent's lovely front door)

I used two different suction cup hangers to hang this on the door.  One, for the ribbon to hang from.  Two, where I hung the actual boxwood from.  I did this because the initial is heavier than the boxwood and the hanger will want to lean forward.  I wanted it to be flush against the door, so I used the two suction cups. 

Now, show us your fabulous, handmade "Door Decor!!" 

We have to have some rules here, first. 

1.  You must link back to either my blog or the Year of Sarah Blog (the link co-host).

2.  Follow both our blogs.  You can do this however your little heart pleases.  Google +, Facebook  (my page is hereSarah's is here), Bloglovin', etc.  

3.  Your link needs to be a craft blog post.  Please do not link to your Etsy page, business page, own link party or giveaways.

4.  Must be your own original work.

5.  Show some other blogs some love.  Don't we all get the warm fuzzies when we see new blog comments??

(NOTE:  Inlinkz decided to change their rules and isn't showing thumbnails for your link you submit.  We're not happy about that, but it's gotta be that way for this month's challenge.  We promise, we'll have it back to the old, thumbnail view link up next month.  For now, if you want to see what someone else has created, click on the green link in front of their name.  Apologies, a million.)


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