May 6, 2014

I learned a lot this weekend.

This weekend, just like every other weekend is going to be this Spring, was jam-packed full of activities and things to do.  Not only did I have fun, but I learned a few things this weekend too.

I learned the Dave Ramsey envelope system and budget is HARD. 

I'll probably end up doing an entire blog post about being on a strict budget, so I'll just say this.  You think you don't spend much.  Until you put yourself on a very limited, cash only envelope system.  It really opens your eyes as to how many times you're used to stopping at a gas station for a bottle of water or picking up that extra unnecessary item in your cart at Target.  Marty and I aren't bad with money, but we're committed to building our wealth and hopefully getting out of debt very soon, so this seemed like a no-brainer.  But boy, did I underestimate how hard it would be.

I learned it's a little tricky to take selfies with a giant Derby hat.  

On Friday, some of the ladies in my family took a trip to Churchill Downs for the Oaks.  For you non-Kentuckians, the Oaks is the race day before the Derby.  It highlights breast cancer awareness and most people in attendance wear pink. My pink hat that was purchased for this year's Oaks made it pretty much impossible for anyone to stand next to me...which made selfies a little complicated.  

Speaking of selfies....I learned that it's pretty hilarious to watch your aunt try to take her very first selfie.  

I would love to see how that picture turned out. 

Speaking of selfies.....again.....I learned that my kid loves taking pictures of herself.

There's also a particularly hilarious video on my phone that she recorded herself.  I had to pry my phone out of her hands so she would stop taking pictures.  We've created a monster.

I learned that even Avery can't tell whose baby pictures are whose.

That's me. :)  But don't tell Avery.  She argued for a good 5 minutes that the "little durl" in the picture was her.  Despite this, I still don't think Avery looks much like me. 

I learned there's few things sweeter than watching your mom read to your little girl. 

Avery ADORES her Mommo. 

I learned that Avery could play in sprinklers for hours.....and I wouldn't mind it at all.

We went to Holiday World on Sunday.  It was hot and there weren't a whole lot of rides geared towards a tiny little 2 year old that doesn't meet any height limits.  Normally, if we came across these sprinklers, I would steer Avery away from them.  But the poor little thing hadn't gotten to do much, so I let her go.  And I'm glad I did.  She had a ball.  Running around, making friends, squealing with glee that Mommy was actually letting her run through the water with her clothes on.  It was kind of a "lightbulb" moment.  Avery and I have been butting heads constantly lately.  She's pushing back on pretty much every rule I've tried to lay down.  She acts out with me A LOT and makes being together pretty frustrating.  I hear the word "NO!" constantly.  In response, I feel the need to compensate for the way she's acting.  Subconsciously, I guess, I've been getting on her more.  I think I feel a little out of control.  I feel like I'm being a horrible failure as a mother because my child is on a pretty fervent terrible two kick.  I feel like I'm failing in the discipline department and I am SCARED TO DEATH that I'm raising a child that will continue this behavior long after the two and three year old phases are gone.  I'll be honest, 90% of mine and Avery's time together is spent in a mother-daughter battle of wills.  So this moment, Avery running through the sprinklers with her clothes on, I realized that everything doesn't have to be such a big deal.  Normally, I would have balked at the idea of Avery getting her clothes wet.  So this was nice to get to watch her "breaking the rules" a little....and for me to realize that it wasn't a big deal.  I had an extra set of clothes in my backpack and my child was having a ball with the other kids and being a normal two year old.  That doesn't mean that I'm going to relax all my rules and let Avery run wild.  But a little rule breaking is fun now and then. :) 

Hope you all had a fun, and learning-filled weekend too! 


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