Apr 29, 2014

Donations, please?

I posted this on my Facebook page yesterday and got ZERO responses.  Actually, I'm kind of striking out all over the place because, once again, not a single person has joined mine and Sarah's monthly craft challenge.  Maybe I'm getting on everyone's nerves, so they've all stopped reading my stuff.  Strong possibility.  But I digress.

I'm going to try this again here.


(This is the part where you jump up and wave your arms around madly because, YES, you do want your very own set!)

I couldn't make it any easier for you to enter to win.  All you have to do is donate WHATEVER AMOUNT YOU WANT to me and my Relay for Life team.  I will gladly take a $1.  I will more than gladly take $10.  Or $50.

I Relay for my Peepaw, Sheriff Bobby Thomas, who lost his battle to colon cancer in 2001.  Since losing him, I Relay for my mother in law, Arlene.  My mom's friend Ann.  Brooklyn Disselkamp.  Addie Roberts.  So many other people that I know and love and are fighting this stupid a-hole we call cancer.  No one deserves a life of chemo ports and losing their hair.  Please, please help me?  I'm asking for a measly donation to help go towards the fight to find a cure.  And in return, you might win a set of peg dolls.  EVERYONE WINS.

Are you interested yet?  I hope so.


1.  I must receive at least 10 entries before a drawing will take place.  (And since I have zero at the moment, I'm a little concerned.)

2.  You must leave your name (and not an anonymous donation) so I know what name to put in the drawing, and then come back to FB, this blog post, and shoot me a comment or a message to let me know that you've donated. 

3.  If you win, you can pick a set of ANY peg doll characters you want.  Here's a few sketches of possible sets that I've done.



But I can literally do any set you have your heart set on.  Disney Junior characters.  The cast of Peter Pan.  Wizard of Oz.  Or, since I'm such a giving person, if you don't want a set of peg dolls, you can pick a painting (an 11"x14" or smaller) of your choosing. 

5.  The drawing will close on May 8th at midnight.  I will draw and announce a winner on May 9th at 5pm!

That's all you have to do.  Make a $5 donation and you're automatically entered to win a set of your very own Peg Dolls, a value of $55 for a set of 8!  No brainer, right??

In all seriousness though.  I take my "job" as a Relayer very seriously.  I lost my Peepaw when I was in high school.  He never saw me graduate, never saw me become an FFA State officer.  He never met my husband or my tractor-loving daughter.  I was robbed of getting to spend more time with him.  All because of cancer.  Please, please, please.  Make a donation and help the American Cancer Society find ways for people to spend more time with their loved ones.  Help them find a cure.   Help me fight for a world where my daughter doesn't have to Relay for her loved ones.  I know there are plenty of causes and organizations that are begging for your money.  I'm just trying to make this donation a little more fun and hopefully a little more rewarding for one lucky winner.  Consider it?


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