Jun 28, 2014


In continuing with my recent home decor themed blog posts, I need your all's opinion.

I've found these curtains from Pier 1.  And I'm in love.

At first glance, they just look like a black and white printed curtain.  Until you actually get up close to them. 

The dots in the pattern are actually elephants!  I realize that this may be completely silly to some people....but to me, they're perfect.  They're so whimsical without being an "in your face" kind of funky.  You really don't even know these are elephants from far away.  I get it.  It's maybe not your thing.  But I'm all about unexpected fun touches in different places around the house to keep your decor fun (hello.  have you seen my cow painting over my faux mantle? elephant curtains make PERFECT sense for my house).

They're originally $29.95 for an 84" panel or $34.95 for a 96" at Pier 1.  But they're on sale right now for $23.95 and $27.95, respectively.  So I'm getting them.

 I'm just running into one little snag.  What height should I purchase?  If I were to get the 84", I would have to put the curtain rod right at the top of my window frame and the curtains wouldn't even reach all the way to the floor.  In fact, it would barely reach over the baseboard.

On the flip side, if I were to get the 96 inch panel, that's not even the length of my floor all the way up to my ceiling.  I could hang the rod almost to the ceiling line (which seems to be the "thing" right now), but then the fabric would puddle.  I don't like puddled curtains.

Or.  I could buy the 84 inch curtains, hang the rod to the ceiling, like as if I had 96 inch curtains, and then use heat and bond strips to attach a contrasting fabric strip to the bottom to add visual interest and height.



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