Jan 26, 2015

Pondering Birthdays. Yes, Already.

Is it too early to start thinking about Avery's 4th birthday party?  Yes, it's not until July, but here's how I'm justifying it:

1.  If I start talking about it now, Avery will go with whatever theme we pick now instead of changing her mind a month before the party day.

2.  I'm having a baby (God willing) 4-ish weeks before Avery's party.  When I had Avery, at 4 weeks after her birth, I was just barely up and walking around.  I figure if I plan it now, I can slowly pick up the pieces to make her party happen and then hopefully, I can bribe beg my sister Dayna and my mom to help me pull it all together for Avery's birthday.

Whatever the reasons, I have started to glance at ideas for Avery's 4th birthday.  Darn you, Pinterest on my phone when I'm laying in bed at night wide awake from heartburn.

I'm kind of loving these ideas:

Sleeping Beauty Party

Right now, Avery is realllllly into Sleeping Beauty.  Which I kind of dig, because she's a fairly under appreciated and under requested Princess option in my opinion.  It makes it hard to find Sleeping Beauty stuff when my kid asks for it (read: try to find JUST Sleeping Beauty panties (as in, no other Princesses in the mix) when your three year old wants them for Christmas.  Good luck), but it makes it unique when we're talking a Sleeping Beauty birthday party.  These are just a few of my favorite ideas for an Aurora Party:

Sleeping Beauty Photo Booth Props (link here)
Personalized Sleep Masks (link here)
SB Replica Cake (link here)
Meriweather Favors (link here)
Tiara Shaped Pizzas (link here)
THAT CAKE, YOU GUYS.  I want it for my 30th birthday.  Is that acceptable??  Say yes.

Frozen Birthday Party

*sigh*  My child, just like every other red-blooded child on this planet right now, is so ridiculously in to Frozen.  I don't get it.  What made this one movie so special?  Why didn't people go insane over Tangled the way they're doing Frozen?  I digress.  Point is, my kid loves this movie and these characters.  Reluctantly, I looked at ideas....even more reluctantly, I'm admitting that some of them are cute.
DIY Frozen Tshirts (link here)
Melted Olaf (link here)
Kristoff Kisses Favors (link here)
Snowflake Decor (link here)
Anna Themed party (link here)

Considering Avery's birthday is in July, a lot of the winter themed activities I found are obviously out. You know, since we're going to be "IN SUMMER" and all.  See what I did there?  If not, you haven't watched Frozen on repeat yet.  I'll let you borrow Avery sometime so you can have an excuse.

Painting Party

This has been a personal favorite of mine since I saw it on Pinterest a bazillion years ago.  A painting party!  Avery loves to paint like her momma and, even though she'd probably pick the Sleeping Beauty party, I may try to lobby hard for this one.

Canvases & Aprons (link here)
Paint Swatch Silverware Holders (link here)
Cookie Canvases (link here)
Rice Krispie Paintbrushes (link here)
Marshmallow Paint Sticks (link here)
I. Am. Dying.  Is this not the cutest party idea you've ever seen??!  Thankfully, this isn't an age-specific idea, so if Avery turns it down at 4, I can try again at 5.  And 6.  And 7. And 16.  Whatever it takes.

What about you?  Any fabulous party planning on the horizon?  Any party theme you want to brag about?  Share!!


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