Jan 28, 2015

Hudson's Kentucky Themed Nursery Plans

Besides naming and meeting your newborn child, is there anything more fun than planning a nursery?  It's like a blank slate where you get to create whatever you want in the room.  I get it, some of you aren't in to interior decorating.  But this is so far up my alley, I'm completely geeking out over the possibilities.

When Avery was born, I didn't have much of a plan for her nursery, other than the strict no-pink rule I'd laid down.  I was into black and white at the time, so I thought it only natural to just go with the black and white theme that was laid throughout the rest of our house, adding in purple for some femininity.   Look back on pictures, I wish I had done a little more planning on her room to decorate and plan for a future room.  Right now, Avery's poor room is devoid of any and all decorations.  I just can't get a feel for what I'm wanting to do.  I think if I had decorated her room early on, I wouldn't  be having this issue.  Moving on....

I wanted to have a different approach when it came to Mr. Hudson's room.  Before we found out we were having a boy, I was heavily leaning towards a woodland creatures theme.  I know you've seen some of these ideas on Pinterest.

I still love it.  The foxes, the natural woods, still all adorable.  But then I started talking to my sister about nursery themes........

.....and she suggested a Kentucky theme........

......and I died. 

Not really, but I got wayyyyy too excited and immediately started Pinterest-ing ideas.  (We're talking the STATE of Kentucky, not the University.  My husband would have a coronary if I tried decorating his little boy's room in UK stuff).  The more stuff I started finding on Pinterest and Etsy and the more excited I became.  

Reason #1: 

1.  Kentucky is home to bluegrass, basketball, horses, rolling hills, tobacco barns.  Doesn't this just SCREAM a sophisticated nursery??

2.  I love my state.  Kentuckians are notoriously proud of the Bluegrass State and we don't care to tell you.  In my days at UK, there were an abundance of Ohio residents in attendance.  One Ohioian (is that what someone from Ohio is called?  I don't even know.) girl told a class that she had never met people who were prouder of their state than people from Kentucky.  Hell yes.  Also, this survey is important to note.  Kentucky people love Kentucky.  Now imagine a Kentucky person who loves Kentucky decorating a Kentucky themed room.  It gives you the warm fuzzies, doesn't it?


3.  When Hudson gets older and decides he's over the theme of his room, all of the decor in there can be incorporated in other areas of my house.  Winner.  

I got so excited pinning and looking on Etsy that I couldn't figure out what direction I was going in with this room, so I decided to make a mood board, which is basically a blank "page" where you put all your ideas together to make sure you're having a cohesive thought. 

Presenting......Hudson's Kentucky Themed Nursery Board!


Crib, Westwood Park, Target ($499).  I am OBSESSED with this crib.  It's very barn looking to me and just screams Kentucky farm.  If I have to sell all my personal belongings, I must have it.

Fabric, Charley Harper Organic, The Quilted Castle ($11.55/yard).  I am a Kentucky fan.  My husband is a Louisville fan, home of the Cardinals.  I wanted to figure out a classy way to bring in both UK and UofL into this nursery without posting something actual UK or UofL.  I think this fabric is perfect for doing just that.  Plus, the cardinal is Kentucky's state bird, so I can always claim that was my motivation behind it.

Pendant, Allen + Roth, Lowes ($179).  Absolutely no purpose for this light, other than I think it is such an awesome country look to it.  Hudson's room has a ceiling fan in it, which has never been used, but I can't justify spending that much on a light that isn't a necessity.  But I like the feel of it and it goes along with the look I'm trying to create.

Glider, Dorel Living, Wayfair ($306.99).  Neutral, cheap.  I'm in love.

Kentucky Pennant Flag Pillow, Thistlewood Farms Blog.  This is going to happen.  My sister says she has extra pennants in her office from UK themed events.  Now to find someone that can sew......*cough MOM cough*

Kentucky ABCs Print, Kentucky for Kentucky ($30).  Just fun, right?

Horse Watercolor Print, Etsy ($25).  I love this.  It's more than likely happening.

Louisville Map, Etsy ($19 for 8"x10").  There are so many cool map and city skyline options on Etsy.  Whatever style I decide, I'm going with the city of Frankfort, Kentucky's Capitol.

Jute Wrapped Knob, Hobby Lobby ($2.49/ea).  Not my favorite yet.  I've seen some on Anthropologie's website that I am obsessed with, but they're $15 apiece.  That can't happen.  This is a good compromise.

TARVA dresser, IKEA ($149).  Before baby gets here, I'm planning a massive IKEA trip.  This is the TARVA dresser painted navy.  It's absolutely happening.

And there you have it!  My ideas for sweet little Hudson's Kentucky themed room.  Does this mean this is exactly what it's going to look like?  Absolutely not.  I want the gallery wall to contain more non-photo items hanging up, like license plates and horseshoes and whatever else catches my eye.  Plus, I have a crap ton of bookshelf space to decorate, so knicknacks will be important.  I'd like to find other specific Kentucky items, but I think this is an excellent jumping off point....don't you think???


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