Mar 12, 2015

May Designs Discount!!

Guys.  One of my most favorite sites EVER is having a massive sale today!  May Designs was featured on Good Morning America this morning and they're offering 50% off all day!!

Here's why I'm excited:

1.  I have my own May Designs book right now for taking notes in my Bible.  The book is small enough that I can keep it wedged in between the Bible pages that I'm studying and it doesn't make it too bulky.

In the past, I've used their agenda and their budget planner and I've been happy with every single one of my purchases.

2.  THEY HAVE A NOONDAY INSPIRED COLLECTION!!!   Noonday and May Designs collaborated and picked 4 of their favorite designs.  Since I love you, I've posted the patterns here, along with their coordinating Noonday piece AND where you can buy one of your own.  I'm a giver.

Naturally, I want them all.  Especially the zebra print.  What is my fascination with safari animals??

3.  Avery LOVES these books.  And let me tell you, they have been a lifesaver on more than one occasion.  We've purchased two of these books for Avery and she fills them up so quickly.  I've bought her the kid's coloring book and a blank book that she lovingly calls her "sketchbook."  MOM TIP:  I throw this book and a pencil pouch full of colored pencils and crayons into my purse when I know that we're going somewhere that will require Avery to sit and be quiet for a long period of time.  It's come in handy in doctor's offices, restaurants and church.  HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend these for kids.  I think I'm going to order Avery the kid's handwriting book (we've been working on our letters A LOT around here) and another blank "sketchbook" since hers is almost filled.

4.  These suckers make awesome gifts.  Two years ago, for Christmas, I bought one of these for every single one of the girls in Avery's playgroup.  A personalized book, a clear pencil box (like this one) that was vinyl monogrammed (by my super talented friend over at Sincerely, Sunshine) and filled the box with art supplies and I think the girls were happy as larks.  And when these books are $7.50 (without personalization) or $10 (with personalization), you cannot get a cheaper gift.  My friend brought up a good point this morning....Easter basket gifts!! 

5.  FIFTY PERCENT OFF.  These books are normally $15 plain or $20 with your monogram or customized phrase.  Take half off that.  You can stock up on gifts for the whole year.  Or buy as many as you want for yourself.  At that price, you don't even have to feel guilty. 

Now, run over to  Right now.   You'll thank me.  


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