Feb 18, 2015

Noonday Obsession

So, two weekends ago, my sister Dayna and I went to this incredible women's Christian conference called IF: Gathering that I recommend everyone attend next year.  It rocked my faith, it made me cry, it's made me dive deeper into my Bible and into the stories hidden there.  If you want to learn more about them, check out their website.  I also highly recommend the IF: Equip Bible study app for your phone.

While we were there, the Gathering spotlighted a company called Noonday.  A Noonday Ambassador came on stage and talked about this wonderful company and these gor-geous pieces of jewelry.  Okay, another excuse to spend money, I was thinking.  But Noonday is a little different than that.  These jewelry pieces are actually made by 28 different artisan groups all over the country.  We're talking women in villages, hand making these pieces and bags and scarves and what have you.  So?  This is allowing these women to earn a fair wage in their country.  Which, in turn, brings money to their families.  It breaks the cycle of poverty, which I just think is amazing (read more about Noonday, their mission and their impact here).  Now listen, I know people get up in arms because there's so much we need to do here in our country to help our poor people.  And I agree.  But didn't Jesus say "Whenever you did one of these things to someone was overlooked or ignored, that was me--you did it to me." (Matt 25:40 MSG)?  He didn't say "Whatever you do to the people in your own country..."  And it's jewelry people.  And darn cute jewelry too.  It's handbags and clutches and scarves and just really stupid cute stuff.  Stuff that we'd be buying anyway, right?   So why not buy that cute pair of earrings and help people while you're doing it?  Yes, it's a little more expensive than what you would buy at a chain store like Target, but it's handmade and it's going to a worthwhile cause.  No, I'm not a Noonday Ambassador.  I don't work for the company and I'm not getting paid for an endorsement.  I'm just a girl who heard about their mission, checked out their website and thinks what they're doing is pretty darn awesome.  And since I believe in sharing, I'm telling you about the website too.  You're welcome.

Now I just have to decide on the pieces I want.  Because decisions are hard, guys.

Top Left, clockwise:  Jewel Drop Earrings, $28; Sea Stone Earrings, $40; Diamond Drop Earrings, $32; Cow Horn Hoops, $28; Metallic Pearls Earrings, $34

Top Left, clockwise:  Clustered Bracelet, Berry, $12; Meridian Clutch, $98; Entwined Bracelet, $28; Underground Cuff, $28; Linked Horn Bracelet, $58

It is not an exaggeration when I say: I WANT IT ALL.


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