Apr 7, 2010

Temptations come in many forms.....mine have heels and are super cute :)

It's inevitable. Any time we have a slow day at work and I have nothing loan-related to do, I surf the Internet until I am celebrity news-ed, depressing news-ed and facebook-ed out. And then I shop. I just can't help myself. I know I don't have the money. But to the clothing websites I go. I browse the dresses, accessories, shoes and tops until I can literally feel myself drooling. Scrolling through the pictures, I click on the items to add them to my cart, slowly accruing a ridiculous amount of clothing that I will never be able to afford. Reluctantly, I exit out of the site, leaving my wish list and potential closet additions behind. My current obsession is shoes. I have never been a fan of sandals or flip-flops, always opting for the closed toed, ballet flat kind of look. You see, I HATE feet. It goes beyond thinking that feet are ugly--I flat out, cannot stand feet. Anyone's feet. Even my own. So I have boycotted any type of shoe that will show them off. This season, I've had a revelation. I don't care if people think I have ugly feet. I really don't even care that I think I have ugly feet (I just won't look at them). I am going to wear sandals this year. Every shoe store I've been in has an adorable line of sandals and new summer footwear that I have decided I need.

I have found this pair of shoes at payless.com that I absolutely ADORE. They combine both worlds of sandal and flat. My perfect shoe. I can have the breathability of a sandal with the toe-hiding ability of a flat. I want them. They'll even deliver them to your nearest Payless store for free! Problem: they are $22.99. Problem: my husband would kill me if I brought home another pair of shoes (and he's extremely observant when it comes to my purse and shoe count). Problem: I'm an in-betweener, so I wouldn't know whether I needed a 6 1/2 or a 7. Sigh. During my quest to find the perfect sandal, I found myself wandering over to the dress shoes....and I find these:

I've never been a huge fan of Mary Jane's...I think they remind me of the shoes I would wear with my Christmas dress when I was 5. But there's something about these shoes. They've got a 1920s, flapper feel to them that I love. And they're only $14.99! Problem: they only come in a 7 wide. Problem: please see above where my husband would freak out. Sigh again. Maybe Marty will suddenly win the lottery. Or maybe he'll decide that my shoe count is frighteningly low and send me out to replenish my stock. Not likely, but I can dream, can't I?? I wonder if I can request our I/T department to block all shopping websites to avoid all temptation........


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