Jun 18, 2012

Laun-dream-y rooms

When you think of your dream home, which room do you drool over?  A kitchen with top of the line appliances and enough counter space to prep your family's dinner?  A living room with square footage large enough for you to arrange and re-arrange your jaw-dropping furniture?  A home office with built in bookshelves and a bay window?  Those are all well and good, but I dream of something a little bit different.  When I think of my dream home, I focus on one room.......the laundry.  I can't really explain it.  I don't particularly enjoy doing laundry or want to spend an excessive amount of time in the laundry room, but I can't help but drool over pictures of shelves for baskets, counter tops for folding clothes fresh out of the dryer.  I sigh over pictures of adorable laundry rooms that combine design and function.  In fact, my Dream Home Pinterest board is filled with pictures of laundry rooms and organizing solutions.  Let me just share a few of my drool-worthy photos with you:

Every family member has their own basket to put away
I want a sink in my laundry room. Bad.

Love the red and gray...and that island!!
Organized AND spacious??  When can I move in??
Is there anything I can say about this that you're not already thinking.....???
Geez.  If I get nothing else I want when (if??) Marty and I ever build, I want a spacious laundry room.  I don't think it's too much to ask, right? 
More along the lines of my current (penny pinching) budget, I've currently got my eye on a clothes line.  Eventually, when Marty and I figure out where we're going to be for a few years (it's kind of up in the air at the moment), I want an outdoor clothing line.  Saves money by not running the dryer constantly and gives your clothes and sheets a fresh air clean smell. *mmmmmm* 
Until we figure out a more permanent solution, I have my eye on these:

Indoor Retractable clothesline by Home Depot
The...$5!....clothesline.  We may have a winner.

I'll leave you guys to dream of your fabulous kitchens and living rooms.  Meanwhile, I'll have visions of clotheslines and ridiculously large laundry rooms dancing in my head.


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