Oct 26, 2012

High Sixes!!!

I'm going to make up for not having a High Five for Friday post last week by giving you a High SIX!  (Heads up, a lot happened this week and I went picture crazy.  Prepare for a bunch of photo collages). 

These little beauties have been getting together for playdates for almost a year now.  At our first playdate, they didn't really want anything to do with each other--except to steal each other's snacks and sippy cups.  They now range in age from 14-18 months old and are actually kind of "hanging out" with each other.  I hope they become great friends!!

I found THE cutest Halloween costume at a consignment sale a couple of months ago.  I was so excited for Avery to wear it.  I'm not really a "let's wear whatever TV character is popular this year" kind of costume fan.  I want something unique, something adorable.  Avery obviously has other plans (doesn't she always??).  If I even bring this costume out of the closet, she starts to whimper.  Don't ask me why.  So would you like to see the Halloween costume that never was?

*sigh*  Good thing it was only $7.

I was hugely involved in FFA in high school.  I got the opportunity to serve as the 2005-2006 Kentucky FFA State President.  Naturally, I had to have the "I Wore the Blue Jacket" shirt.  FFA is in my blood and I hope that Avery catches the blue and gold bug too.....hence the "Future FFA Member" shirt. 
Finally, on Wednesday, my sister Dayna (the redhead on the left) and I got to go up to Indianapolis for the National FFA Convention to judge the Agricultural Issues contest.  Our youngest sister Kristen (the blonde in the middle) is a senior this year, so she was in Indy with her chapter.  My dad requested that we all get a picture at National Convention together.  He was at National Convention in Kansas City, Missouri thirty-someodd years ago and never dreamed that, one day, his children would all be at a National FFA Convention together.  :)

I saw this at Barnes & Noble last week and almost died.  It would make an awesome Christmas present (hint, hint Marty)......

Last week, my family went to a Fall Festival--where Avery got the opportunity to paint a pumpkin (and mommy's hands), pie her Granddaddy in the face and show her pumpkin off to Aunt Dayna.  I hope my child inherits my love of Fall.

Our Minnie population in this house is getting a little out of control.  Minnie plates, silverware, cups, pillows, shirts, hats, pajamas, beach towels, socks, toys and stuffed animals.  They're taking over.  I'm a tiny bit nervous.


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