Oct 27, 2012

My Purse: The Inside Story.

I've seen this type of post floating around blog-world and I think it's just a fun way for you to get to know me a little bit better.  It's a glimpse into something that is really important to me.....my purse.  If you know me at all, you know that I have a slight purse addiction.  I'm MUCH better than I used to be (it used to be a struggle to go into a department store and not buy a purse...or at least go over to the accessories department and look at them), but I still love my purses.  I switch them out almost every day depending on what color my outfit is and I take pride in keeping it organized and clutter free.  Wanna take a peek inside?
If you can't tell, I keep everything in their own separate bags.  I CANNOT STAND having loose odds and ends floating around in my purse.  It makes it frustrating when I go digging through my purse trying to find something and it drives me bananas.  So, inside my purse is a bunch of mini-purses, if you will.

Mini-purse #1:  My makeup bag.  It contains:  4 chapsticks, 5 lipsticks, one eyeliner pencil, one eyeliner pencil sharpener, two nail files, one travel size hairspray, a makeup sponge, a concealer stick and a compact mirror.  I have a problem.

Mini-purse #2:  My medicine bag.  I have the world's worst immune system.  For reals.  If it's an illness and it's within 10 miles of me, I'm gonna catch it.  I have also been blessed with outrageously ridiculous allergies (if it lives or grows, I'm allergic to it) and a food allergy to carrots (dumbest. food allergy. EVER.).  Hence the band-aids, hand sanitizer, Zyrtec, Gas X, Benadryl, migraine pills, Advil and Epi-Pen.  If you're dying, I can fix you.

I also have a mini-purse #3 containing many, many, many pencils and pens.  You never know when you're going to need to take notes or write a check or sign a document.  Big believer in being prepared.

Now, for the rest of the story in my purse.  I have a little bag (the turquoise one) that contains all the junk I don't want floating in my purse....receipts I wanna keep, checkbook registers, etc.
Here's where I think I may have a little issue with OCD (the first step is admitting you have a problem, right?).  I have not one, but TWO coupon containers.  The blue one you see has all of Avery's coupons--broken down into diapers, wipes, food, medicines, toys and clothes.  Inside the blue container is a red floral coupon container that has all of my grocery coupons.  It has slots for freezer items, deli, household cleaners, pantry items, paper products, etc.  I LOVE it.  It makes the obsessively organized me very, very happy.
Finally, the little Coach handheld thingy is where I keep all of my cards that I use every day:  my license, insurance cards, credit cards, all that jazz.  It's in easy reach and I don't have to take my ginormous wallet or entire purse in when I'm just on a trip into the store to get two things.

I go nowhere without my planner.  I feel lost without it.  And, because I'm a color coded nerd when it comes to my planner, I carry colored pencils so I can literally "pencil you in" when something comes up.  I also carry a little notebook because you never know when you're going to need to remember something and jot it down.  Yes, I know my iPhone has an app to take notes.  I like handwritten, physical notes.  Call me old-fashioned.

I do actually carry a big wallet with me too.  It's kind of a wristlet type wallet that contain my checkbook, register, gift cards, cash, change and store loyalty cards.  Also, a picture of my Peepaw because my day is instantly made better when I get to pull out my wallet and see a picture of a man who always brought sunshine when I was around him.

Finally, the very few random things that are floating around, un-bagged:  my Disney World zebra sunglasses (each side has a Mickey head), a name tag from my recent trip to the National FFA Convention and two Andes mints from a fabulously yummy dinner at Olive Garden (my favorite). 

There you have it.  My purse.  If you were to stop me on a regular, unexpected day, it would look exactly like this, give or take a few packs of gum.  I realize that I'm obsessive.  But I am in my every day world, shouldn't my purse be reflective of that too??  It's so funny what the contents of a purse can say about a person.  What's in your bag?


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