Jul 21, 2013

Love Is.

I'm not gonna lie. At one time, my views on love were verrrry different than they are right now. But after seven years together, four years of marriage and one daughter later, I have a little different opinion on what love looks like.

When Marty and I were dating and newly married, love looked like a nice dinner and a movie. It looked like driving around and talking forever about anything that was on our minds. Flowers for no reason. Buying me jewelry. Sweet love notes. PDA. Grand gestures of love. 

Now, it looks a little bit different. Love looks like running through a drive thru so I don't have to cook. Buying me a Dr Pepper because he knew I had a headache and we were out of caffeine at home. Holding my hand in Walmart.  Finding time at the end of the day to talk about our days and spend some time alone. Asking if I'd like to sit on the couch and watch the Big Bang Theory with him. Taking the trash out before I even ask. 

I know those of you that are newlyweds are probably shaking your heads and laughing. Don't get me wrong, we had our honeymoon stage. But now, it feels different. Now, Marty telling me that he's going to take Avery out of the house for the afternoon so I can get some things done and then take a nap is just as romantic as a bouquet of flowers (sometimes even more so, depending on what I need to get done!). I don't need the public displays of affection and the expensive gestures. Are they nice? Sure. Are they appreciated? Absolutely. A dinner alone is needed every once in awhile. But I don't need it every day. Because I know that, in his own way, through his actions that my husband is telling me he loves me every single day. And that's hot. :) 


Kammi said...

I agree 100%! With the exception of the PDA...we still act like teenagers in public most of the time. I know one day, our daughter will be telling us how much we gross her out, and that's okay. ;) We've been together 6 years and married 4. I totally agree about how big of a romantic gesture it is to take the toddler and let me have a couple of hours of alone time! Love this post!

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