May 7, 2014

Kitchen (almost) Complete!!

My kitchen is almost completely finished.  I should probably wait until tomorrow to show you the finished pictures.  But I cannot contain myself.

Do you remember these?

That's the only progress that had been made so far.  We were waiting for the countertops to come in.  Today, MasterBuilt Cabinet guys (who I highly recommend) came and removed our old, white countertops and installed the new, built us a new cabinet in the open space you see and installed the bar area.  

Are you ready for this??  This will be a picture overload.  You've been warned. 

I am OBSESSED with this sink.  Completely and totally obsessed.

And these countertops.  I'm drooling.

There's still a bit of work to be done.  Drywall needs to be installed in the space under the bar area, the "column" needs to be finished and wrapped in a decorative molding, the faucet has to be installed in the sink...just little odds and ends that need to be wrapped up here and there.  We were going to wait on the backsplash, but our old cabinets had a lip that went up and on the walls.  When the countertops were removed, it left a really rough, scuffed up look.  So a backsplash is going to have to be installed sooner rather than later.  Marty and I bought some beadboard sheets tonight at Lowe's and Marty promises to install them this Saturday.  I'm really excited to see the end result on that one.  Painting the cabinets is going to wait a little bit, at the request of my husband, but I'm THRILLED with the remodel so far.

I mean, come on!!  Look at those befores and afters!  This is one happy homeowner.

Now it's time to find barstools...... :)


Chrissy said...

It looks so good!

Allison Page said...

Those are awesome picks for your kitchen! I love your sink and countertops too, Devan. You’ve done a great job in cutting the walls and transforming it into a counter. I can’t wait to see the complete look of your kitchen, with all your kitchenware and other stuff. Any updates about it?

Allison Page @ D&S Masonry

Devan Gaddie said...

Allison, I did show a finished picture of the kitchen in this post:

Mildred Mclaughlin said...

You’ve had a lot of work and stress on that kitchen renovation, Devan. But looking at all the changes that you did, I'd say the effort was certainly worth it. I do hope you’ll be able to maintain how fabulous your place as time goes by. Have a great day!

Mildred Mclaughlin @ Better Basement Technologies, LLC

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