Jun 11, 2014

Master Bedroom Inspiration

I realized this past weekend, something very important.

Not a single room is my house is decorated.  Here's my thing.  I know exactly what I like.  I can look at a magazine or watch an HGTV show and tell you exactly what features are "my style."  I can even go into someone else's home and mentally rearrange the furniture and picture other things hanging on the wall that I think would coordinate really well.  I can pick out paint colors and plan a room for someone else.  It's when I start thinking about my own house and how to decorate it, that I come up completely blank.   Maybe it's because it actually requires buying things and money for a room to look put together.  *sigh*

Yes, I have furniture.  I have things hung on the walls.  I have a rug in the living room that I love.  But not a single room in my house feels "put together" decorated.  Not one.

The closest thing I have to being fully decorated is probably our dining room area.  And that's going to be changing soon (more on that in another post)...

In my living room, I like the rug, the houndstooth chairs, the couch and the railroad crate side table.  Everything else is an afterthought.  I want a new entertainment center, art on the walls, a gallery wall.  I have big plans.  But more on that in another post too....

Because this post is about my Master Bedroom.  If there is one room in your house that you should feel is a retreat that is decorated exactly the way you want it, I really think it should be your bedroom.  Ours......not so much.  I would show you "before" pictures of my room...but I'm not sure you and I are that close yet.  It can only be described as a complete and total disaster right now.  Close your eyes and picture this:  a mismatched oversized chair in the corner.  Random things hung on the wall because I wasn't sure what to do with them.  Large pieces of dark wood furniture.  A very large dark wood four poster bed.  Clean clothes stacked in piles that need to be put away.  Dirty laundry in baskets throughout the room.  A large pile of art supplies that needs to be carried to my basement.  Got a mental picture?  Okay, let's just go with that....

I originally thought I wanted to go with a grey, yellow and mint color combination.  But the more I started trying to find decor to go in our room, the more uninspired I was feeling.  The combination almost felt nursery-ish.  Not something I wanted for my bedroom.  So, I'd decided to completely start over with our bedroom.  If that meant getting rid of the yellow and white bedspread I love so much, then so be it.  So I started looking around online for grey master bedrooms.  I found a lot of stuff that I really liked.

Like this coral, turquoise, mint and grey combination.


But nothing else was really inspiring me.   I just knew that I wanted colors and to be able to mix patterns really well (NOT one of my strong suits), where different pieces were all in the same room, but all looked like it went together.  I've been looking for things to help me decorate my bedroom and every time, I was coming up empty handed.

Then, I went shopping.  And I found this: 

It's dark grey, light grey, mint, yellow, cream, black, light blues, dark blues....and I'm in LOVE.

At first, I looked at it, looked at the price tag and it was a little more than what I wanted to spend.  I probably stood there, staring at this bench for a good 5 minutes and then decided to walk away.  As I was walking around the rest of the store, I kept thinking about that bench.  Even though I don't love chevron anymore (Chevron. Is. EVERYWHERE.  Over it.), the mix of the patterns between the chair and the bench gave me hope that I can actually mix patterns and make it look good.  So I wandered over to the throw pillow section.  And found two pillows on clearance and brought them back to the bench.

As soon as I laid the two pillows on top of the bench, I decided that I had to have it.  I was going to make it happen, one way or the other.  So I pulled out my lovely smartphone, got on my Retail Me Not app, prayed to the Heavens that there would be a coupon for the store I was in.....and there it was.  25% off one single, regular priced item.  Needless to say, I ran and got a cart and promptly brought the entire combination--pillows and all--home with me.

I'll be honest, I was little nervous that the bench wasn't going to work with anything in my existing room, other that the paint on the walls.  I was prepared to start completely over for the sake of having a room I loved, but having things that I could use and not have to buy new would be awesome.  

When I got home, and I found a ton of things in my existing room that already work with this bench.  Including my bedspread!

Black and white chair--TJ Maxx, bought FOREVER ago.  Like 5 years, old
Silver 1 & 2 boxes--Room Service, new
Bench--Gordman's, new
Tray--Gordman's, new
Letters--Kirklands, old
Bedspread--TJ Maxx, old
Frame--from our wedding, old
Window panes---random yard sales, old

I have so many things that are already in my room that work within this color scheme.  Not only that, I think the mix of the greens and blues and whites are extremely calming.  I can work black and white in too.  This is a win-win-win-win situation.

I need to find a rug and curtains and decide what's going on the walls and paint the existing furniture black.  I want to give the bed back to my parents and find something a little more unique and not so gigantic in our room (not a fan of four poster beds....too obstructive for my tastes).  Shew.  I've got a lot of work to do.  Any volunteers?


Lynn Williamson said...

I love your taste in interior decorations. Decorating your place definitely needs budget, but you don't have to go over your means to have a pretty home. You just have to select the right stuff that suits the ambiance of your room, and to have the right plan as to where to organize them. I do hope you’ll be able to continue your decoration saga in the next days. Good luck! :D

Lynn Williamson @ DAL Builders, Inc.

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